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February 14, 2010

Women are Like Spaghetti, Men are Like What?!

Like most couples, my husband and I approach the events in day-to-day life very differently.To better explain one of our differences, let me tell you a story.

It is a Sunday morning and I am in the bathroom getting ready to step into the shower. My husband is in the bedroom watching Sports Center. I hear a noise, "beep beep beep", which to me sounds like a construction vehicle backing up. As I know this is not a probable cause of the noise, I look out the window and see a cable truck backing down my neighbor's driveway.

Now I have a new mystery to solve. How do my neighbors manage to get our local cable company to do a service call on a Sunday??? For some reason there must have been some type of sound delay, as I have time to write myself a note, “call neighbors when cable goes out” before I hear my husband outside the bathroom door.

"Beth! Beth! Are you making that noise?"

Now I'd like to mention that I have only two appliances in our bathroom. A hairdryer which does not, as far as I know, have a "beep" setting and a flat iron which is, for the most part, almost always silent.

Now to be fair it was Valentine’s Day. Maybe my husband thought I was getting daring and was surprising him by bringing a “new appliance” into our lives. First of all he should know better after being married to me for 20 plus years! And second, the loud beeping noise doesn't quite fit. Wouldn't I be smart enough to pick a more discreet model; one that doesn't announce its use with a loud beeping noise? After all we do have a teenager in the house!

After I responded that I was not the source of the noise, he continued with his questioning. "Did you hear it? It was really loud! What was it?!" And there you have it, an example of one of the differences in our approach to day to day life; he looks to me to solve the mystery of the beeping noise, whereas I solve the mystery of the beeping noise. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I am the "go to" person to answer all questions, and solve all "mysteries" that occur in our family home.

My husband started working from home about nine months ago. It is interesting to note this change has not affected my status as the "go to" person AT ALL. I am still the one called to help locate the syrup in the pantry, the electric bills for the past year, or the pants he last wore two months ago in Philadelphia. I am also expected to know the exact locations of our many (don't ask me the exact number, it is too embarrassing) cats if one of them goes missing. And I can’t fail to mention the numerous questions surrounding various TV shows. "Do you think that is a toupee?" "Why is he with her?" "Who is she? She was in that movie that came out in the early 80's... what was the name of it?"

One of the many books on marriage is titled, Women are like Spaghetti; Men are like Waffles. I have never read this book so I can't speak to its relevance but one thing I know for sure; in my house, both the spaghetti and the waffles will be found by me!

P.S. This was written all in fun, any semblance to male bashing is purely coincidental. I love my husband VERY much, even with all of his questions.

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