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August 30, 2009


"Walk by faith, not by sight" - a verse I have known since the beginning of my Christian walk.

"Walk by faith, not by sight" - a verse that I read in a devotional one day and it resonated with me as only God's word does when He is trying to reach you.

"Walk by faith, not by sight" - not directly referenced, but the message was clear, when my pastor spoke on this a few weeks later. It is that feeling you get when you are sitting in church and you feel as if God is speaking directly to you.

"Walk by faith, not by sight" - the verse I told my 17-year-old daughter one night as counsel for a situation troubling her.

"Walk by faith, not by sight" - a verse I could study until God calls me home, still not grasping all it means, yet also so simple to turn to for help in day-to-day life.

Walking by faith and not by sight, as God commands us to do in 2 Corinthians 5:7, means to live our life based on God's word and His leading not on the world as we see it.  That is, trying to follow God’s direction to us day-by-day and even minute-by-minute instead of being led by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. As Romans 7:18 reminds us; good itself does not dwell in us. Isaiah 64:6 states it a bit stronger; "all our righteous acts are like filthy rags". When we allow ourselves to base our decisions in life on what we want or how we feel the result will not be the best choice for our ultimate good or the good of those around us.

When Peter asked Jesus if he could come to Him on the water, he trusted in Jesus' answer, "Come". As he stepped out of the boat his faith was in Jesus, and his command and he was able to do the impossible. When he started to look at the water and the circumstances around him instead of Jesus, he sank. In this story God has given us a real life example of walking by faith. Just like Peter, our success as a Christ follower is based on our ability to carry out this command.

We have two paths we can choose in our life walk. One path is the world's way of living. The other path is following God's eternal truth. It is very easy to follow the world, the path we see. The world is telling us what to do, LOUDLY, and our emotions are quick to jump in and tell us the world is right. God's eternal truth comes from a quieter but ultimately much stronger place deep inside each of us, which is nurtured and made stronger by listening to His voice and studying His Word.

God is now calling me to start a journey which I am totally unqualified to handle. He is telling me “walk by faith not by sight". When I publish this post, my journey begins. A journey on my own I have no hope of completing, only on the faith of His words do I dare take the first step. I need to step out of my boat and see what great things God will do as I walk by faith.

As we go through our lives walking by faith and not by sight will be the more difficult choice to make. However making those difficult choices to follow God’s leading and not our own desires will always put us on the path to where God wants us to be. We need to ask ourselves, as Christians, isn't that where we know we belong?  

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